A little about me

There may be no finer training ground for a writer than the metropolitan daily newspaper. It is within this information machine that I learned to do whatever it takes to get the words to flow quickly, succinctly and on deadline. There is no hiding the quality of your work when your byline meets each morning with the public’s critical eye.SH-profile

From 15 years in that environment, I gained knowledge of how businesses work, and how they want to promote and protect their brands. My most valuable experience came as a business news reporter covering publicly traded companies, retailers and restaurants for the Nashville Tennessean.

After moving to Colorado in 2002, I freelanced for local media outlets and took on new projects in public relations, which taught me to write and develop strategies from the other side.

In 2007, I launched Stacey Hartmann Communications, Inc., to provide media expertise and writing assistance to businesses and organizations, specializing in targeted, budget-friendly, and personalized service, custom content solutions and savvy media outreach.

Today, I relish each day of work in support of my wonderful, diverse group of clients, who do great work in the fields of education, finance, non-profit, health care, government and technology. It is my pleasure to serve as a beacon for their brands.